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Tower of London
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Tower of London
Tower of London

Tower of London: has been a central part of London life

Yeoman Warders are outside the Crown Jewels

Tower of London is one of the most beautiful castles in England. Certainly, a secure fortress, royal palace and infamous prison where you can explore 1000 years of history. In fact, built in the 11th century, the Tower of London has been a central part of London life for centuries.

However, the Tower has earned a chilling reputation for being a formidable Castle. Firstly, home to wild animals, the royal beasts. Secondly, the Royal Mint.

Further, a horrible prison. In fact, The Tower of London is famously guarded by Yeoman Warders and who were responsible to keep the prisoners inside the Tower safe. However, you now find them outside the Crown Jewels, keeping an eye on the Tower’s work.

For instance, prepare to be dazzled by the breath-taking, world famous Crown Jewels. Certainly, these diamond-encrusted masterpieces are a must-see part of the Tower of London and won’t leave you disappointed.

Tower of London

What will you see during the tour?

Most importantly, owned by some of the most famous monarchs in royal British history, you see which Crown was worn by which Queen or King. Above all, you can see Queen Elizabeth II’s exquisite Imperial State Crown worn at the State Openings of Parliament.

After that, you visit the Royal Beasts Exhibition. To clarify, an interactive exhibition where all the animals that inhabited the Tower are shown. Subsequently, see historic armours. For example, those of Henry VIII, Charles I and James II and alongside beautifully-carved horses.

Tower of London: what happens if the ravens leave?

Learn and discover the Tower’s History

In conclusion meet the famous ravens. Especially because these creatures are very important to the Tower. To clarify, a legend says if the ravens ever leave, the tower will crumble to dust and great tragedy will befall the people of England. Prices and special offers on families and groups may vary depending on the time of the booking. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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